Jozef Kaluza(1), Dariusz Adamek(1), Tadeusz Krzyszkowski(2)

Expression of an Oncoprotein Bcl-2 and Protein Bax in the Infiltration Zone and in the Parenchyma of Primary Glia-Derived Supratentorial Neoplasms*

1)Department of Neuropathology
2)Clinic of Neurosurgery, Institute of Neurology, Jagiellonian University Medical College, Krakow


The aim of the study was to determine the survival of cells in the infiltration zone of the glia derived primary tumors of the central nervous system and in the core of the tumor tissue with the use of immunocytochemical methods. According to the recent studies the proper functional relation of bcl-2 and bax proteins may play a major role in one of the possible pathways leading to cell survival or to cell death. From the point of view of the biological activity of a tumour the evaluation of cell population demonstrating the ability for survival is of importance for predicting tumour recurrence. We found that in the infiltration zone neurocytes and reactive glial cells had a strong expression of bcl-2 and weak expression of bax protein. Thus, we have concluded that the use of bcl-2 and bax can be a useful tool in the evaluation of survival activity of non-neoplastic cells in the infiltration zone and of the neoplastic cells within the tumour core. The latter cell populations can be regarded as germs responsible for tumour recurrence.

Address for correspondence and reprint requests to:
Prof. J. Kaluza M. D.,
Department of Neuropathology, Institute of Neurology,
Botaniczna 3, 31-503 Krakow.

* The study was supported by grant 501/P/71/L